Children with diverse neurological conditions like autism, giftedness, dyslexia, and anxiety struggle to excel in traditional education system. But the truth is...EVERYONE LEARNS DIFFERENTLY
I should know. Traditional school systems failed me, too. I couldn’t focus, and I was constantly making connections and inferences that were disruptive to myself and others.
Teachers told me repeatedly that this compulsive thought process, as well as the need to express it, would be my downfall. For a long time, I believed it. 

Now I understand that just because traditional methods don’t work, we shouldn’t give up on preparing our children for their future. You need a fresh perspective on the fascinating possibilities available for your child, and I can provide that, along with a personalized prescription for your child’s success and the confidence you and your child needs to achieve it.
Are you struggling to understand your child ?
Is the traditional education system impossible for your family to navigate?
Are you ready to turn your worries and immobilization into hope and action?
I design dynamic, out-of-the-box learning environments for neurodivergent children to grow and flourish. I believe that when freedom and growth are held in equal esteem, gifted and twice-exceptional children thrive.
I thought I had my life figured out. I always loved chemistry, and after receiving my degree, I was thrilled to land a career as a chemist. Almost immediately, I knew it was a mistake. I felt so unfulfilled. Feeling scared and unsure, I took a huge leap, and found my passion and life’s work in alternative education, helping children excel both in learning and in social-emotional development. 

From my training in Nonviolent Communication to my Montessori credential, my educational philosophies and practices perfectly align with this work. I am a proud Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Ambassador and I teach chemistry (yep, I still love it!) and other STEAM classes for Vista Oaks Charter School. 

My passion for education lead me to create the Sunnyside Micro-School, which provides gifted and twice-exceptional children with a safe space to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and values in a personal and meaningful manner. I also wrote a book, Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget, which is meant to inspire other passionate individuals to consider micro-schools as an avenue for gifted and 2e kids.

I work individually with students and their families, and I consult through my public speaking engagements and workshops to discuss the characteristics and unique needs of neurodivergent children. Recently, I was honored by the California Association for the Gifted for distinguished service, which humbles me and confirms why I chose this path for my life. 

I have spent the last several years developing packages and products to help you and your family navigate the difficulties of neurodiversity, both in the home and in the educational system. 
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