Do you wish you could better understand their motivations, fears, and goals?
Maybe some of this will resonate with you:
✔️ Your child explodes in reaction to small setbacks or challenges
✔️ Teachers and other professionals don’t understand them at all
✔️ They aren’t achieving in a meaningful way, despite their ability to do so
✔️ You are worried because your child doesn’t seem to have any friends
✔️ You’ve tried traditional punishment/reward feedback systems with your child and they don’t work
You can learn to communicate with them more effectively and be a better advocate.
Imagine being able to:
✔️ Understand your child’s feelings and needs
✔️ Empathize with their fears and motivations
✔️ Feel comfortable talking about your child’s strengths and weaknesses
✔️ Advocate for your child’s educational and therapeutic needs
✔️ Give your child the best educational and social opportunities available
Our daughter feels supported by Jade in every way: emotionally, socially, physically, intellectually and academically, to name a few! Jade’s ability to pay attention to, listen to, and affirm our daughter’s experience in all of these areas has contributed immeasurably to her growth over the past year.

Jade’s attention to the needs of the whole child is nothing short of remarkable. There aren’t words to describe how fortunate we feel to have Jade in our daughter’s life in such a meaningful way.

Mother of a 10 year old girl
After speaking with Jade only once, it was clear that Jade had a great sense of who our daughter really is. 
We happily signed up for her 5-session coaching package.

She helped us see our daughter’s strengths and her abilities, which means she helped us connect on a deeper level to her. Having Jade’s support and guidance over several months helped us feel more engaged in parenting. Now we can be more fun-loving, more go-with-the-flow, and more accepting toward our daughter.

Mother of 6 year old girl
The Connected Family was created out of ten years of experience working with families a lot like yours.
After years of working as an educator and coach for neurodivergent families I know the unique sensitivities, emotionality and other issues your brilliant child does battle with on a day-to-day basis.

And I know that you are struggling too…

What I’ve realized is this:

Intense, sensitive neurodivergent children are grossly misunderstood and miseducated in today’s culture.
The Connected Family is a five session, 1:1 package that will help you turn your worries and immobilization into hope and action.
This is a generous, comprehensive and tailored package. Through deep listening, probing questions, and lots of revelatory reflection we will explore:
- Your family’s feelings and needs
- How to empathize with your child’s fears and motivations
- Effective communication with your child in a way that increases joy and contentment.
- How to advocate for your child’s educational and therapeutic needs, including alternative practices
- Ways to give your child the best educational and social opportunities available

✔️ A clarifying form so you can focus inward and name your deepest concerns so I can tailor our sessions for exactly what you need
✔️ Curated access to communication tools and tangibles that are proven effective
✔️ A personalized prescription for your child’s success – and a customized report that highlights my recommendations, and the focal points of our conversations
✔️ A fresh perspective on the fascinating possibilities available for your child
✔️ A full heart knowing you’ve devoted the time, effort and energy into your unique child’s success.
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