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Does your child need more support than the traditional classroom provides?

As a former gifted child myself, I know full well the struggle gifted children face in the traditional educational system. I know the unique sensitivities, emotionality, and other issues these brilliant children do battle with on a day-to-day basis.

So, I’ve created a personalized educational package just for your child!

This is so much more than tutoring.

Gifted and twice-exceptional children often have trouble academically for a few reasons. These may be:

  • A learning and emotional difference such as dyslexia, anxiety disorder, and autism spectrum conditions
  • Asynchronous development
  • Bullying, self-acceptance, and other social-emotional challenges

Jade stands out as a genuinely nice person who understands the struggle of the gifted child, who enjoys working with them, and devotes herself to wanting to give gifted children and their families a better life.

Jade gave me some great ideas about how to begin to homeschool my son, what might work best for him, and how to understand his unique learning style.

Mother of an 8 year old boy

Hi, I’m Jade Rivera. For nearly ten years I’ve made reaching neurodivergent children my mission. I draw on my compassion as well as my personal and professional experience to help them understand who they are and how they learn. Then I translate that to the parents and professionals that care for them.

For several years, I led a micro-school in Oakland, CA, where I provided a unique and engaging learning environment that quirky children adored. My book, Micro-Schools: Creating Personalized Learning on a Budget, shares my heart as well as the philosophies and practices I developed while building these programs.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Clarifying Call: You will receive my whole heart and soul focused on you and your child – your unique story and circumstances.
  • Four Follow-Up Sessions: In four subsequent sessions with your neurodivergent child, I’ll dive deep into any academic subject with empathetic scaffolding and encouragement. These sessions are tailored for your child’s preferred learning style/s.
  • Ongoing Support: You’ll receive weekly check-ins on your child’s progress and suggestions on how to best support your child over the next week.


Your investment for this program is $400.

Tangibly, you’ll receive a personalized prescription for your gifted learners success that highlights the sweet spots and focal points of our time together.


Intangibly, your child will leave feeling inspired. Your family will have a fresh perspective on the learning possibilities available, plus a full heart knowing you’ve devoted the time, effort, and energy into your child’s ultimate success.

Jade really gets gifted kids. I witnessed her skillfully, and compassionately guide my then 8 year old son, who arrived to her anxious, creative, curious, and stressed. He needed a good dose of structure, flexibility, and self-expression. Jade is someone who provides academic, social and emotional education for our children that lights them up and empowers them to thrive.

Mother of an 8 year old boy

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