Got a spirited child? Wondering how to handle this quirky, intense, divergent, and wiggly being?
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Parents of neurodivergent children are probably familiar with these labels. Traditional schools have a difficult time fitting divergent thinkers into their rigid curriculums. As a result, children act out in frustration or boredom, which can be exhausting for both teachers and parents.

The fact is, the brains of neurodivergent children work differently. Some of them need much more structure and guidance to accomplish what we consider to be simple tasks, but often those same kids inspire us with their boundary pushing insights and creations.

Intense, sensitive, neurodivergent children are grossly misunderstood and miseducated in today's culture. We don't know what the future will hold, but we do know we need the most innovative and critical minds to help us navigate it. We need to prepare all of our children so they can excel in an unpredictable future.
“Jade’s educational coaching has made a huge difference in my son’s life.”

Though gifted, he has struggled in school for years… not getting work done, not paying attention, and not feeling good about himself. His former private school was supportive and liked having him as a student but they couldn’t meet his needs. Jade has created an environment where he has thrived from the very first day.
He’s engaged, productive, and creative. He’s enjoying subjects that before didn’t interest him. And he’s happy!

~ Mother of a 10 year old boy
“Jade’s educational coaching has been the ideal alternative for our daughter.”

She has just the right amount of independence – teaching herself math and excelling, writing her own fiction and reading to peers who genuinely receive her as an author, and researching her own interests for monthly formal presentations to parents. She has matured into a student that can also handle learning things that she cares nothing about. This is a HUGE accomplishment for our intensely independent child who is driven by her personal passionate interests. So, even though electronics, engineering, literature discussions, or studying Native American history may not be her activities of choice (in the formal learning periods), she no longer melts down or feels imposed upon by having to participate.

 Jade invites her students to explore subjects with her, focuses on the process of understanding rather than a final product, and caters her expectations to each child individually. Our daughter has matured socially, emotionally and academically with Jade. It is amazing to see how she has transformed in one year after having such challenging experiences in traditional school environments.

~ Mother of 9 year old girl
“Jade’s expertise as an educator is well served by many of her strengths, but a central strength is empathy.”

She has both cognitive understanding and emotional compassion for the challenges of neurodiverse learners.
This understanding is the foundation for her work to not only negotiate learning targets and agreements with students and families, but also to help students navigate the social-emotional learning that undoubtedly arises as they come into contact and conflict with peers. 

Jade’s ability to remain both firm and kind creates a sense of emotional safety: children will be accepted for who they are at the same time that they are lovingly guided and encouraged to continue in their development. Jade has mastery in both academics and social-emotional well-being, and she brings both aspects to her work with gifted learners. Underlying her foundation of empathy is a fierce commitment to these children being both understood and challenged. 

Bob Yamtich, Therapist & Consultant
“Having Jade’s support and guidance over several months helped us feel more engaged in parenting.” 

After speaking with Jade only once, it was clear that she had a great sense of who our daughter really is. We happily signed up for her 5-session coaching package. She helped us see our daughter’s strengths and her abilities, which means she helped us connect on a deeper level to her. Jade reinforced what we were seeing and gave us more confidence that we were on the right path. And when she shared a perspective we didn’t have, it broadened our view and made our understanding more full. Now we can be more fun-loving, more go-with-the-flow, and more accepting toward our daughter.

~ Mother of 6 year old girl
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