Are you struggling to understand your child? Has the traditional education system become nearly impossible for your family to navigate?

I have spent the last several years developing packages and products to help you and your family navigate the difficulties of neurodiversity, both in the home and in the educational system.

Ways to Work With Me

Coaching for Families

The Connected Family is a five session, one-to-one package that will help you turn your worries and immobilization into hope and action.

Educational Coaching

In this four session package I will spend time with your child strengthening their knowledge of math and science while working with them to develop their executive functioning and abate anxiety and self-doubt.

Speaking & Workshops

I offer highly informational, engaging talks and workshops on a variety of topics related to education and neurodivergent children.

Jade stands out as a genuinely nice person who understands the struggle of the gifted child, who enjoys working with them, and devotes herself to wanting to give gifted children and their families a better life.

Mother of an 8 year old boy

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